UK Data Archive


An institutional project offering complex datasets from different networked partners. Surveys are often British-centered and the amount of collected researches is not so huge both in topics and quantity.


Founded by the Economic and Social Research Council, together with the Joint Information System Committee and the Higher Education Funding Councils, the UK Data Archive is also networked with the ICPSR in Michigan, USA


Most quantitative datasets are available in SPSS, STATA and tab delimited formats (suitable for use in Excel) and can also be converted to other formats such as SAS. Qualitative data formats include Excel, Word and RTF. Each dataset displays a detailed methodological description and the time range of the survey

Information density

The UK Data Archive provides access to over 5000 computer-readable datasets. Most of the resources are based in Great Britain

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Both quantitative and qualitative data cover a broad range of topics which are crucial to political science, from demography, to consumptions, to institutional development

Updating Rate

In general this site shows a good updating record, although some areas seems to have slower rate