United Nations Statistics Division


This site gathers a vast amount of detailed statistical data, in a ready-to-use format, covering UN overall activities and areas. This website is a fundamental tool for research on development, international trade and global social change.


United Nations Statistics Division gathers official statistics from several UN agencies, aiming at coordinating international statistical programmes and activities.


Many of the Division's databases are available on this site, and also on CD-ROMs and printed publications. A highly integrated collection of data is provided in these pages

Information density

Seven main complex databases are available on the website, covering a vast range of topics, areas and time periods, and related to UN activities. Other official surveys from large international and regional institutions are also collected

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Even though political science is not mentioned as such, available data represent a fundamental primary source for many topics which are crucial for research in political science, ranging from demographic to social, cultural and institutional surveys

Updating Rate

The most frequently updated statistical database is the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online, along with news and events calendar; other databases are updated with a slower rate