The US Government Printing Office


The US Government Printing Office site provides full-text access to a vast amount of official documents and related collections from the US Administration and other Government branches, dating back to 1994, concerning all public policy areas


This website is the online version of the US Government Printing Office, established in 1993


Accessible official documents are listed in alphabetic order, with each record acting as a link to a complex set of data -- then available in full-text version, both in pdf and ASCII format

Information density

More than 300.000 records from US administration official production are stored in the site, with the vast majority dating as far back as 1994

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Those highly accessible resources are very useful for any kind of political research as a primary sources of official documents

Updating Rate

The site many databases are frequently updated, and a series of internal news are prominently featured on the homepage