With its open platform, LiensSocio is an active entry-point to French social sciences matters online. Information is well organized and always rich in text, thus providing an ongoing virtual representation of current French academic activities.


LiensSocio is managed by a staff of volunteers in charge of selecting, rating and describing item contents according to an internal evaluation policy. Being an academic partnership, also scholars are partially involved in such a process


Being a portal devoted to French social sciences studies, various information layers are available, all well classified and presented, including resource descriptions, articles and commentaries, event calendar and discussion forums

Information density

With over 1,500 webresources described and rated, and a great variety of rich-in-text information such as book presentations, commentaries and opinions, this website provides a good and varied density of informative materials

Content Pertinence to Political Science

Completely devoted to the Social Sciences in France, LiensSocio can be surely considered an entry-point for French-speaking PS students and scholars as well

Updating Rate

Overall the site content is updated on a daily basis, thus providing a continuous source of current information about different topics and events