Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research


Subscribers can reach a relevant amount of complex statistical data and a good bibliography for each single record; non-subscribers are able to view the full meta-data infos, and they can subscribe a targeted pay-per-use license.

Fee Policy

Complex information is available on each single record before arriving to the members-only area, which contains the real statistical files. It is the only area not accessible for non-subscribers, while all the complex meta-info is freely available to eveyone. Subscription is both by packages and pay-per-use

Free Retrieved Material

Each record is provided with an effective full-range description available for free, consisting in time and place of realization of the survey, its source, sponsor and some note about the applied methodology

Linking Richness

No external link is listed in the webpages, while a complex and often redundant set of internal links is provided. Despite this, the ICPRS website is quite non-intuitive