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IPSAportal is the portal of the International Political Science Association and an official online IPSA publication. Hundreds of useful, rich and qualitatively outstanding websites for political science are selected, rewieved and evaluated by IPSA in order to provide scholars and students of the discipline worldwide an useful tool for online research. Among others, crucial information about the nature, quantity and retrievability of the content, the easiness of access and use and the fee policy of each site are provided.

IPSAportal is a data driven application. Server-side technologies are PHP and mySQL. Client-side technologies used are Javascript and Adobe Flash. By enabling JavaScript on your browser, you will fully enjoy our site's functionalities and allow us to fit information and contents to your screen resolution. If your computer does not have Adobe Flash plug in installed, you'll be automatically redirected on the right page to download the player. Our portal is fully compatible with major web browsers.

For more info please contact the IpsaPortal Editorial Staff: ipsaportal@unina.it
Rosanna De Rosa, Assistant Professor
Political Communication, University of Naples Federico II

(+39) 081.2535866
Silvia Bolgherini, Assistant Professor
Comparative Politics, University of Naples Federico II
(+39) 081.2535867